Mime the Deer

Mime the Deer is a Main character of the Sarah Inc Show, and many appeared on every franchise

Biography Edit

Mime is a Lovely Canadian purple deer from Canada and France, he is a mute, which he cannot speak. He was first made by Alexandra Wynn in 1984.

Behind the scenes Edit

His old design was a mime, but he's a human, as of 2000 he has changed allot, his deer form is first appeared in 2002

Trivia Edit

  • He's the only character to have many girlfriends, which he has 24 girls
  • He's one of the most popular Sarah Inc franchise's characters with 4,020,505,032 fans
  • Although he doesn't speak, he speaks to Karen, and he speaks to his peers only
  • He's one of Karen's #1 Favorite Happy Tree Friends Character