There are Several TV Series since 1962 to 2017 and onward.

  • (NC) Means The Show is Not For Children
  • (SC) Means The Show has been canceled
  • (NK) Means Karen is not in this show
  • (RS) Means it'll Return again
  • * Means It's a new episode coming out in the future
Show Title Year Creator Country Made Age Rating Image
The Sarah Inc Show 1974 Rayoumma Pinn America 7+ (TV PG)
Lagoona Blue and Friends (NC) (SC) 2016 Thiema Sullivan America/Hawaii 12+ (TV 14)
Karen and Friends (SC) (NC) 2017 Karen Vilchis America/Japan 13+ (TV 14)
Frankie & Keyboard (NC) (SC) (NK) 1998-2012 Frankie Stein Australia 15+ (TV 14)
Yoga with Julietta Ghoulia (SC) (NK) 1962-1994 Ghoulia Yelps America NA (TV G)
Gay Matt (SC) (NK) (NC) 2002-2006 Unknown Japan 14+ (TV 14)
Animal Jam Racing (SC) 2003-2016 Loraine "Lolita" Sanchez Mexico 5+ (TV PG)
Monster High: Reality (NC) (NK) (RS) 1993-2016; 2017 Loraine "Lolita" Sanchez Columbia 13+ (TV 14)
Mime Time (NC) 2017 Karen America 13+ (TV 14)
Honor Of You (NC) (SC) 2013-2014 Lahoya Hamm Argentina 18+ (TV MA)
La Aventuras De Puppy Lover Y Kitty Lover (NK) 2005 Loraine "Lolita" Sanchez Peru 3+ (TV G)
Karen's Wildest Dreams (SC) 2008-2013 Karen America 8+ (TV PG)
Flower Land Faries (NK) (SC) 2009-2015 Shanio Yakama Japan All Ages (TV G)
Sugar Rush (SC) (NK) 2012-2015 Disney America/Japan 5+ (TV G)
America Ladies* (NK) 2017 Barbra Martin America 10+ (TV PG)
Mime the Deer and Friends 2002 Alexandra Wynn Canada 7+ (TV Y7 FV)
Mean Scream* (NC) 2017 Alexandra Wynn and Karen Amercia 13+ (TV 14)
Frankie and the Chill Gang (SC) (RS) 1995-2006; 2017 Perri Pess America 7+ (TV G)

And Games

  • * Means this Game has online play and other players
Game Title Year Platform ESRB Rating Creator Genre Image
4044 2004 DS, PC T Rayoumma Pinn Shooting
Just Dance Sarah Inc (All Games)* 2007 to 2017 Wii, PC, Wii U E 10+ Barbra Martin 2007-2016/ Karen 2017 Dancing
Go Animation 2017 2017 Wii, DS, 3DS, Wii U, PC E Lee Incs Crew Film, Animation
Sarah Inc Games* 1973-2017 Mac, NES, N64, GBA, GC, DS, Wii, Wii U, N Switch, PC E Lee Incs Crew Party
Sarah Inc (Game)* 1998 Wii, PC, Wii U E 10+ Rayoumma Pinn NA
Tetris (Sarah Inc) 1997 N64 E Ramon Samone 90's Game
Animal Jam Racing* 2001 Game Cube E Ramon Samone Racing

And Movies

Movie Name Year Rating Rating Reason Creator Country made Image
The Rescuers (Sarah inc Movie) 2015 PG Violence, and thematic actions Perri Pess United States
Karen Saves Christmas 2014 PG For Sad scenes and violence Perri Pess United States
Karen saves Christmas 2 2015 G No Content allowed Perri Pess United States
Karen Saves Christmas 3 2016 PG-13 Mild humor, Language, and scenes pf partial nudity Alexandra Wynn USA
Snow Eclipse* 2017
Monster High Reality Movie 1995